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Here are some free do-it-yourself Feng Shui basics that can give you a head start towards a great Feng Shui home or office. These are general principles of good Feng Shui. Beyond these general Feng Shui principles you will find the much more professional Feng Shui.

Traditionally, in China, real Feng Shui knowledge was kept secret and only passed from one master to the next. The population was kept ‘happy’ with some general Feng Shui truths mixed with superstitions.

Today, we are much in the same boat with Feng Shui generalisations in popular books. However, real Feng Shui knowledge is available now if you are willing to put in the time to study. I recommend Master Joseph Yu’s professional Feng Shui courses.

It is important to understand that any Feng Shui system that doesn’t individually assess a building and include time will always fall short of giving you the full results. Professional Flying Star Feng Shui utilises time and compass orientation to construct the unique energy chart of a building.

Nevertheless, you can achieve some great outcomes with general Feng Shui tools as long as you know that there may be something else going on if these don’t give you the promised results. To achieve the full benefits of Feng Shui, each house needs to be assessed individually. To be able to do this you need to learn professional Feng Shui.

Here are some resources to get you started with learning Feng Shui basics.

Feng Shui Basics

If you have browsed through Feng Shui books you may have become aware that there is a vast magnitude of different approaches to Feng Shui. It is easy to become confused by conflicting advice. Some systems are genuine and effective, but unfortunately there are some that aren't.

Without spending a lot of time researching the various methods it is almost impossible to know, which approach to trust. After years of examining the various Feng Shui systems and also through the research of my teacher Master Joseph Yu and the Feng Shui Research Centre, I now have a good grasp of what works and what doesn't.

To save you disappointment with Feng Shui I have put together two free Feng Shui booklets, which I encourage you to download and read:

Free Feng Shui Booklet:

7 Things That Are Called Feng Shui But Are Actually Not!

This Feng Shui booklet examines seven commonly accepted Feng Shui myths and explains why these actually have nothing to do with Feng Shui and are for the most part not very useful.

I further explain what is and what isn't Feng Shui and also explore symbolism and its place in Feng Shui. I further contrast the common Feng Shui myths with a quick overview of what you can expect from authentic Feng Shui.

Please use the download box on the right to download this booklet.

Free Feng Shui Booklet:

How to Choose a System of Feng Shui that Works

Choosing the right Feng Shui system can be difficult as there are a bewildering number of Feng Shui schools as well as a lot of mystifying terms and jargon.

In this booklet I cover the scope and the limitation of Feng Shui, its history and the reason for the mysteries and misconceptions surrounding it.

I further evaluate in detail the various Feng Shui schools and delineate what each of them can and cannot do. You will end up with a good basic understanding of what to expect from each of them.

Please use the download box on the right to download this booklet.

Free: Basic Feng Shui course

This course will give you a good basic understanding of Feng Shui fundamentals, including Feng Shui elements and colours and the effects different external and internal features can have on your wellbeing.

It covers the basics of Qi (energy), Feng Shui cures and symbolism, Feng Shui forms, auspicious features and attacking Qi (Sha Qi), how energies work together and the first steps towards a professional assessment.

While this course will not make you a professional consultant, it is the first step to understand the Feng Shui way of thinking and its fundamental principles.

You will learn to think creatively with any professional Feng Shui advice – and therefore will be able to take full advantage of this information.

Studying this course will take about 12 hours of your time.

Please use the download box on the right to download the free course.

other books and resources

Here are some further Feng Shui books and resources.


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“The changes I've put into place seem to have made a noticeable difference to us. Both Rob and I are communicating better, are both more positive in our outlook and just basically getting on much better than we were. We are sleeping better in the bedroom now too which I'm glad about as I like the feel of the room now and it looks good the way the bed is positioned in the room and with the black dresser against the other wall….Everything is going a lot better now thank you, very harmonious.” P.M. Keilor, VIC

“Everything is going wonderfully; everyone can feel the difference in the office. I have got a great fish tank with lovely fish. I just need to organize another fish bowl for the back section. My cousin came into the office today and commented on how well the office looked with the fish and the total atmosphere. I told her that I had called in a Feng Shui lady, she wanted your number and called you from my office straight away. We have had great improvements, I am very happy with everything, now I am planning to have you come and see my home.” M.C., Managing Director, Recruitment National Pty Ltd, Sydney