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A Feng Shui garden or landscape can make or break a building. It contributes to the good Feng Shui of a home or office if designed in harmony with the building’s natural energies.

A great landscape has ponds, water features or open spaces where this supports the radiant energies of the home or office. It has rocks, bushes, hills where this supports the positive quiet energies for relaxation and stillness within the house.

A good garden supports the building it belongs to. It creates a pleasant extended living or work environment aligned with the natural energies of its building.

The Elements of Garden Design

There are two primary features in a Feng Shui landscape: We refer to them as ‘Mountain’ and ‘Water’. 

A ‘Mountain’ is anything that is solid and above ground. It may be a mountain or a hill, a neighbouring building, a wall, a fence, a group of trees or a solid bush. A ‘Mountain’ facilitates stillness.

‘Water’ is anything below ground or moving. It may be a water feature, a pond, lake, a road or pathway. ‘Water’ facilitates activity.

Mountain and Water should correspond to the Yin and Yang energies in a building. If that is the case, the whole setting – the building and its surroundings – are harmonious.

A Feng Shui garden or landscape has openness, pathways and water in the direction of positive Yang energies of the house. It has ‘mountains’ in the direction of the building’s positive Yin energies.

If the landscape is not in harmony with the building…

A landscape that does not correspond with the building, weakens its positive energies and strengthens its negative potential!

Water features are known to activate wealth energies. This is true as long the house has positive Yang energy in the direction of the water feature!

If, on the other hand, you had a pool or pond in the direction of negative Yang energy, you would be activating the potential responsible for financial loss and hardship.

If there was positive Yin energy in the direction of the pool, you would erode some of the potential support available to the people in this building. You would be reducing the environmental backing for good health, communication and relationships.

Likewise, if you had a ‘mountain’ in the direction of negative Yin energy, you would make the Yin energy in this direction of the house more negative, perhaps causing further agitation, distress and sleeplessness.

Such a mountain in the direction of positive Yang – in the direction of the ‘wealth energy’ – would pretty much cancel out the potential for good wealth and financial success.

Feng Shui garden design

We apply traditional Feng Shui formulas to determine the unique map of energetic influences in your building. Based on your requirements and the restrictions of the site, we will work out the best possible garden design for you.

With Feng Shui garden design we will provide you with a blueprint of:

  • Ideal pool or pond positions;
  • Ideal pathways that bring positive energy into the house;
  • Landscaping features that enhance your building;
  • Best locations for sitting areas, pergolas; ;
  • Ideal colours for your garden, eg. colours in foliage, flowers, garden furniture and décor.

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