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Colour can make or break a space!

Right Feng Shui colours are in harmony with the natural energies of each room. With the wrong use of colour you may be activating negative energies and be irritating.

The purpose of Feng Shui interior decorating and colour schemes and is to activate the best energies of your building and neutralise any negative potential.

You cannot get the right colour schemes out of a book! Each place is unique - with a individual combination of positive and negative energies in each room. I work out the existing energies during a Feng Shui consultation - and determine the colour schemes that will feel right from there.

Colours schemes need to enhance exisiting positive energies and negate any negative potential!

Feng Shui Colours

Each of the energies present in the various areas of your home or office belongs to a Feng Shui element. Feng Shui Elements are the various manifestation of energy - life force. They give each section of a house its unique feel and potential.

Within a building you get the whole spectrum of energies: there are positive, many more neutral and some negative energies. The task of Feng Shui is to strengthen the positive and to reduce the effect of negative energies in a space.

After right placement, we achieve this through right colours and shapes.

Each element is associated with a colour. There is a colour that supports it. Further, there are also colours that strengthen and others that weaken a particular element.

Our task is to select colour schemes that support and strengthen only the positive energies in an area, and that drain any negative potential of its power. That way the colours chosen enhance the beautiful energies of your place and facilitate vibrancy and harmony.

With the wrong colours you will find that people get easily irritated and that there will be more tensions and conflict. Even though the space might look superficially beautiful, it is not in harmony with its underlying energies.

Feng Shui Interior design

When decorating with Feng Shui, we are looking for furniture placement that gives you most physical support and makes the most radiant energies available to you.

If you can sit or sleep within good energies, you will be able to really relax, communicate well, focus and concentrate – depending on the usage of the space. During a Feng Shui consultation I identify the important interior design elements. I will give you:

  • Best location for the various activities and people;
  • Ideal pathways and partitions;
  • Ideal location for beds, desks, lounges,
  • Best type of furnishings for each area.

With Feng Shui interior design and colours, an area does not just look good but will also feel right.

Here is what can happen if the wrong Feng Shui colours are activated.


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Brigitte Seum, Senior Consultant
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Brigitte Seum, Senior Consultant for Soulspace has been a Feng Shui Professional since 1999. She delivers consultations in Melbourne, Australia - and remote Feng Shui analysis' for any place in the world.

Phone: 0403 366 100
Email: Click here


" We employed the services of Brigitte to consult prior to having our final plans drawn up by the building engineer, as I was interested in a feng shui analysis at this early stage. Having that extra information gave me peace of mind that we were going to have a great house, and Brigitte helped refine our plans in a commonsense sort of way as well as providing advice based on her knowledge of feng shui. I found her advice to be easy to understand, practical and workable. Brigittes service were also reasonably priced and her aproach was very helpful and genuine. If you find people are asking you for any contacts in this area I am happy to recommend her services.
 Kind regards, R. L"

"I would definitely be more inclined to go with a house if it was already Feng Shui 'd!" L.D. Hawthorn, VIC

"I loved all of the suggestions you made for my house and made the amendments with the builder...  I really appreciate the information you supplied to me...  You've been fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone else I know who is interested in your services." J.S. New Home Package, Hoppers Crossing, VIC

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