feng shui case studies


feng shui case studies

Here are some case studies of how a Feng Shui Consultation for a home or office can help improve various life situations.

During a Feng Shui analysis you will discover the unique energy pattern of your building and how this influences your life and work experiences within it. There are houses where family life is happy and harmonious, whereas in other buildings you find families struggle; sometimes you even find a succession of family break ups in one building.

There are some offices where you will find it easy to work and business is successful, whereas there are offices where it is hard to concentrate and produce, and where you are more stressed.

Each place is completely unique and requires its own analysis (There are 144 possible energy maps!). In order to calculate a building's energy map, I will need to take an exact to the degree compass reading and I will need to know the 20 year time period of construction and that of any major renovations. These factors go into the formulas to calculate your building's energy map.

To give you an idea of how different energies can affect you, here are some real life Feng Shui examples that I have consulted. Please understand that these are specific situations and that their recommendations cannot be generalised.

The numbers stand for different qualities of energies that have been numbered for easier usage. They have no other significance and do not relate to numerology. For the meaning of each of the numbers please refer to the bottom of this page.

Case Study - Home Feng Shui

Alleviation of Marriage Trouble
An example of how negative energies were cured with simple Feng Shui improvements:
A couple that had been happily married for 10 years with 2 children had just moved into a new home and asked me to have a look. When I saw the Feng Shui situation I asked them whether they were having marital problems, since this was the 'theme' indicated by the location of the front door...

Case Study - office feng shui

Sudden loss of business and how it could have been avoided
An example of how office renovations can make or break a business:
The manager of an advertising agency called me after they had moved into a new building. Since the move, their business had turned sour suddenly, with loss of contracts, lay-off of staff and financial uncertainty. 'Luck' seemingly had turned against them. They also felt their new space to be heavy and not as radiant as the previous one; personal relationships were under stress...

Case Study - feng shui design

How to avoid 'No Sleep - Sleepy Business
An example of how Feng Shui design could have provided this family with a great home to start with, and avoided somewhat awkward repositioning of their bedroom.
A young family in an old house on Sydney's North Shore had all sorts of trouble in life. The father had not slept more than a few hours a night since moving into this house, the 5 year old daughter caused lot of trouble and was sick a lot, and their business, he ran from home, was not as successful as it should have been.


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